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Easy online betting sites

The Internet market has a bunch of different online sports betting websites; most of them are similar in working while some of them are easy to use for visitors than others
Everything comes down to the design set up and the features defined on offer. In this post, I will take a gander at some of the easy online betting websitesto utilize online with an attention on the least demanding bookmaker[1] to put down a wager with explicitly. There's one site I need to discuss so gives jump access and investigate.

Accordingto my opinion, the best betting site in India,with an ease of use for placing your first bet is You can check the reviews of Betbarter which depicts the A-grade rating. Also, it is classified as the safest website for online sports betting.
In this blog, we are going to provide you with every single information that will be helpful to our visitors. The newly designed user interface lets the bettor choose the game in which he/she wants to wager.

Before you place your first bet on, it is compulsory to open a betting account with the website. Simple as that, visit the homepage of and select the option of
"Open an Account".
The process for placing your first bet is mentioned below:
Sign in to your account by entering the username and password you chose when you opened your account– if for reasons unknown you've forgotten your account password, click the 'Forgot Password' tab to fetch back the password.

Once you are done with the account sign in, the next step is to select your choice among the list of sports given. Click your choice chosen to load all the markets available.
You will now see all the betting options for your selected sports [2] . All the odds of the game will be displayed as per your selection.
Presently you should include your selection, whatever it might be, to your online wagering slip. Sounds complex however it truly isn't. It would be best if you tap the chances of the choice you've made, and it will be naturally added to your wagering slip.

When button at the base of the wagering slip and your wager will be on. In the event that it wins the rewards will be consequently added to your record and on the off chance that you lose the stake sum will be charged from your account. It's as straight forward as that.

First Bet gets 15000 INR Bonus
In case, you do not have any previous account on any online betting site , or you are a new user at Betbarter then you can claim a reward of 15000 INR as soon as you join. Again this can appear to be somewhat perplexing to get your head around however Betbarter make it as simple as conceivable to comprehend and get your hands on – there's a motivation behind why I picked them as the most straight forward site you know. The features of the website are easy accessible to any internet surfer who wish to bet on sports.

However,some specific terms and conditions needed to be fulfilled before you get your reward:

  • Be a new customer of age greater than 18
  • Deposit using a debit or credit card.
  • Have made a minimum bet of 5000 INR (less than this bet won't trigger you the reward money)
  • Ensure that the first bet you place is on something with chances of even cash or more prominent.
  • Make your first wager [3] within seven days of joining

If you are lucky to meet the criteria written above, which is an easy task to do, then after the completion of your first bet, Betbarter will reward you the prize money which they promise you to pay at the time of sign up.

The reward money is the promotion, Betbarter is offering to attract more customer from the local Indian market.
This prize money can be utilized to make a bet on any game whether cricket, football or any other sports.